ami_snake algorithm


Here, you can find the software of an implementation of the snake model introduced in “V. Caselles, R. Kimmel, and G. Sapiro. Geodesic active contours. International Journal of Computer Vision, 22:61--79, 1997”. In the next figure we illustrate the way the algorithm works

From left to right  and from up to down: (i) Original image with the original contour. (ii)-(vi) illustration of the contour evolution.



In the tar file ami_snake.tar.gz you can find the files :

1.     ami_snake.pdf: a PDF document with a description of the algorithm.

2.     ami_snake.h : A library with the source C-code of the ami_snake() function.

3.     XMWami_snake.h : A library with the source C-code of the ami_snake() function including graphic windows interface functions of the XMegaWave Software

4.     XMWami_snake.c: The source code of the graphic-window interface in the XMegaWave Software of the ami_group

5.     XMWami_snake: A compiled version  of  XMW_ami_snake.c (in the case you do not want to install XMegaWave)

6.     ami.h: an auxiliary file with some macros used by ami_snake() function.

7.     plane.img : A test image