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International Workshop on Computer Vision and Image Analysis 
Instituto Universitario de Ciencias y Tecnologías Cibernéticas (IUCYTC)
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC)

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria December 4-6, 2003

Exponsored by the Spanish Research Network TIC2001-4570-E.

General Chairman


Local Organization Commite

  • Aleman Miguel
  • Alvarez Luis 
  • Cuenca Carmelo
  • Esclarín Julio
  • González Esther
  • Mazorra Luis
  • Salgado Agustín
  • Sánchez Javier
  • Santana Francisco
  • Trujillo Agustín

Editorial Commite in alphabetic order 

  • Alvarez Luis (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
  • Baumela Luis (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  • Bouthemy Patrick (INRIA)
  • Guil Nicolás (Universidad de Málaga)
  • Pascal Fua (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology )
  • Perales Francisco (Universitat de les Illes Balears)
  • Pérez de la Blanca Nicolás (Universidad de Granada)
  • Pla Filiberto (Universitat Jaume I)
  • Weickert Joachim (Saarland University)

Instructions for authors

  • 3 main conferences and a small number of papers will be presented in the workshop.  In that sense, the Editorial Committee will invite a number of researchers to submit papers to the workshop. Only invited paper submission will be considered for presentation and it will not be a general Call for papers. Authors should use the Latex style provided in IWCVIA03_paper.tex. The extension of the papers will be limited to 6 pages.


  • The Proceedings will be published in a special number of the Journal of the Instituto Universitario de Ciencias y Tecnologías Cibernéticas of ULPGC.



Hotel AC Gran Canaria. Salón Gran Forum B

Calle Eduardo Benot, 3

35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Tel: 928 266 100


Important Dead-Lines (Without Extensions)

  • Registration :  November 6 (Hotel reservation should be made and communicate to the organization before this dead line) 
  • Final Paper Submission : November  17. Please send to an email with the subjetc IWCVIA03 Final Paper Submission. Inside the message authors will include the name and the email of the author who will present the paper and a zip or tar.gz with the latex source of the paper and PS figures. 









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